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Honest Cooking

Mike Laurenza

At my young age I gained the desire to cook from watching my father. He would make dishes from simple ingredients and transform into magnificent dish. I told him about my interest in cooking and he sent me to one of the best culinary school in Italy. My father used only his flavor and not a recipe book, that's what made him quite difficult to mimic. So by being with him, I gained a passion for cooking and create some simple dishes prepared to you daily from my heart to your table, providing an enjoyable dining experience to you here in Northfield. FRESH, HEARTY, AND SIMPLY UNFORGETTBLE

Poonam Makhija

Hard work has always been the key to success; but having passion for that work is what drives you to the top. Obstacles may deter others from achieving their goals and dreams but nothing will prevent me from doing so. I want to my legacy to be known as someone who stops at nothing to reach their goals. Remaining true to who you are and doing what makes you happy is key to living a good life and I stand by that. I am proud to say that I am doing just that. My name is Poonam Makhija, the daughter of two wonderful parents, and mother of two determined children- Bhumika and Vincenzo.  I am the owner of Mike’s Pasta House, an authentic Italian cuisine, located in Northfield, New Jersey.


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